Make It Real: September 2012


Question:  What traditions of man have you believed were from God?   I am asking my readers to take the time and ask themselves this question.

After sending invitations to various speakers to come to our church, I began to receive some awkward responses.  For example, one speaker (a prophet) basically sent a contract requiring $3500 per meeting plus airfare, hotel and food expenses to be covered.  I actually responded with a request that they pray, and I gave them some information about our ministry and heart for the poor.  They were upset and replied with a very haughty rebuke. They said I was out of place to tell them about our ministry and mission. Did I have the money or not was honestly the only determining factor as to their interest in coming. The fact is, I do have the money, and meeting the financial requirement was never the issue in my heart. But after much prayer, I responded with what Holy Spirit kept running through my mind- a vision of Jesus turning over the money changers tables.  I withdrew my invitation, and grieved at the condition of the church in American. 
I opened another response to an invitation, and they wanted to know who my covering was before they would pray about the invitation.  As I prayed for divine direction, God had me read Matthew chapter 15.  I encourage you to look at the heart of the One who revealed true Holy Spirit led ministry. 
Look with me at Matthew 15:3 and ask yourself this question:  Why do you transgress the command of God on account of your tradition?  Do you just say yes to God when certain criteria of your traditions are met? Example, are you led by His Spirit when you go and minister, or do you wait to see who will pay what you are used to being paid. We are to go into all the world and preach the gospel.  In Matthew 10:8 Jesus says, “Heal sick ones, cleanse lepers, raise dead ones, cast out demons. You freely received, freely give.  “Do not provide gold, nor copper in your belts, nor provision bag for the road….For the worker is worthy of his food.”  God will gladly and freely take care of our needs as we walk out and serve Him.  How sad that ministry has become big business for many.
Then I read further in Matthew 15, and in verse 6-9, Jesus states:
 “And you annulled the command of God on account of your tradition. Hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy concerning you saying: This people draws near to Me with their mouth, and with their lips honor Me; but their hearts holds far off from Me.  But in vain they worship Me, teaching as doctrines the precepts of men”.
The list is long of the precepts of men that are being taught as doctrine.  We are to study God’s Word for ourselves and make sure that the concepts being taught line up with the Word of God and His heart. Covering is never taught in the Word as a doctrine of the church. In 1 Corinthians chapters one and four it is called divisive and immature to look to one ministry as the place where you belong.  We are one body with many members; let’s enjoy all that God is doing in the world.  So, I will seek God as to His biblical method of being joined together in love with the other parts of His body.  I also want to be delivered from any precept of man that I have embraced as being a doctrine.  I desire His heart. I want to take the gifting that He has so graciously placed in my life, run the race, and not be disqualified.  We need to hear what the Holy Spirit is revealing through His humble servants who are not seeking to prove their self worth through their ministry calling and gifts.  Lord, have mercy on us as we go through the fires of purging.  God bless you as you truly seek to be like Him.
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